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Yumi Kazama

Yumi Kazama (風間ゆみ)

Alias: Chika Suzukawa (鈴川ちか)
Birthdate: January 31, 1979
Zodiac: Aquarius
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 160 cm (5 ft 3 in)
Measurements: 93-65-90 cm (37-26-35 in)
Cup size: F75
Hobby: Swimming
Genre: beautiful breasts, big breasts, mature

風間 ゆみ(かざま ゆみ)は、1990年代から活動している日本のAV女優、元ストリッパー。


初期は鈴川 ちか(すずかわ ちか)を名乗る。また風間 由美(かざま ゆみ)、風間 ひとみ(かざま ひとみ)名義でも活動。




Yumi Kazama is one of the rare veteran queens of JAV. She has been starring in movies since she was 18 and has moved through the ranks with a full ten years of JAV history. Now she often plays more madam/teacher and roles for slightly older actresses, though she is still relatively young. She has an incredible body, gorgeous long hair and a beautiful pair of breasts.

You can't work that long in this business and do the same movie over and over. Yumi is adventurous and incredibly erotic. She has a husky voice which is a real turn on. She often plays a teacher or other respected figure seducing younger men, but she also is in a lot of group and lesbian movies as well. Many of her movies emphasize her shapely body. We like how Yumi shares the spotlight with other actresses, young and old. There really is little Yumi Kazama hasn't done.

"Huge Tits Lesbians" is a amazing title with two of the hottest names in JAV. Young and perky Rio Hamazaki falls in love with her teacher, and this is their sexual journey with no men in sight. In "Single Mother and You" the viewer is seduced by the sultry Yumi. "Perverted Healing Clinic" packs an amazing variety of sexing in its compact 85 minutes. Three-way, four-way, lesbian, even light bondage fill this title.

yumi kazama 2

yumi kazama 2 por oo8oo7oo

YUMI KAZAMA 2 por miss_ella_neous

Kazama Yumi - 17 min

Yumi Kazama-Nude Mum Nursing - 24 min

Gangbang - Kazama Yumi - 37 min

Risa Murakami, Yumi Kazama, Sayuri Shiraishi, Natsumi Horihuchi - polygamy Drea - 37 min

Yumi Kazama ep2 - 43 min

Chinami Saka Yumi Kazama

[JUC-368] Yumi Kazama, Sakiko Mihara - Swapping Big Butt Mother - ONLINE

Title : Incest - Big Tits Mother Swapping
Code : JUC368

Posted Date : 2010.9.4

Released Date : 2010.8.25

Studio : Madonna

Label : Madonna

Actress : Sakiko Mihara, Yumi Kazama

Genre : Attractive Mature Lady, Mother, Incest, Ass Fetish, Digital Mosaic

Uncensored : NoIppei and Hiroyuki lethargic after graduation to spend but she was unable to connect to the last sash cord opening tournament played in the school athletics ?. One day Hazime Hitoshi?Genakatta reason to confide in H. sash cord opening . I signed to have sex?Renakatta Sakiko and intense competition the day before my mother . And the relationship that still continues ... . Hiroyuki heard that neither angry , I just jealous . He had received his mother -in-law thought to Yumi . Ippei 's offer for help but to encourage H. connects the sash cord opening of courage ... .







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